Solutions for Lenders

Banish the friction and burden of paper, and reach new levels of efficiency.

Lien Management

Manage all your liens and title processing through a single integration and interface with Cario. Our robust lien management capabilities support all transaction types, including ownership transfers, lease-to-own, and refinance transactions. Direct connections to DMVs and ELTs ensure instant and verifiable security interest perfection, providing the confidence and accuracy needed for lien management at any scale. The comprehensive management suite offers a unified interface for all digital titling and document needs, simplifying the process and enhancing operational efficiency.

Title Processing

Cario simplifies title processing with automated inbound and outbound deal package creation. Our error handling and resolution system quickly identifies and corrects issues, reducing delays and enhancing reliability. Cario also handles compliance and documentation for interstate transactions, making it easy to manage titles across state lines.

Digital Titles

Empower your customers with direct access to their title information through Cario’s mobile-first digital titles. Interact directly with customers via digital titles by offering service alerts and promotions, enhancing engagement and building stronger relationships. Digitize your paper title inventory with Cario’s proprietary model, streamlining operations and moving towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly digital solution.


Cario integrates directly into your Loan Origination System (LOS) for seamless management across all participating states. This integration ensures efficient and streamlined lien and title management processes. Cario offers direct integrations with dealers, DMVs, ELT providers, and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). These integrations ensure data accuracy, real-time updates, and a cohesive workflow, unlocking significant operational efficiency for your organization.