Solutions for Marketplaces, Auctions, and Fleet Managers

Transferring payment and ownership in real time means true end-to-end e-commerce transactions.

Title Transfer and Registration

Complete ownership transfers at the point of sale with Cario's digital titles, eliminating the need for paper titles. Our suite of paper-free options for consignments, reassignments, and consumer transactions ensures a seamless process. Cario's management suite handles all your titling and document needs, from listing to final transfer, streamlining operations and reducing administrative work. Manage high volumes of transactions across state lines with accuracy and ease using Cario.

Title Processing

Simplify title processing with Cario’s advanced features for inbound and outbound deal packages. Our platform automates error handling and resolution, quickly identifying and addressing document issues without manual intervention. Whether transacting in-state or interstate, Cario's automation minimizes delays and enhances accuracy and timeliness for you and your customers.

Digital Titles

Cario provides instant-delivery and mobile-first digital titles in participating states. Customers receive immediate access to their digital titles for a modern, convenient experience. Engage directly with your customers through digital titles by sending service alerts and promotions, fostering ongoing communication and enhancing loyalty.


Cario’s native Dealer Management System integrations ensure a smooth adoption process with minimal workflow changes. Our platform also features native integrations with lenders and DMVs, expediting titling and providing full transaction transparency. This interconnected ecosystem ensures data accuracy, real-time updates, and a smooth workflow, enhancing your title management efficiency.