Solutions for DMVs

With digital titles, cumbersome paperwork and long lines becomes a thing of the past.

Title Transfer and Registration

Swap long lines for instant title transfers with Cario. Our software handles standard title transfers, out-of-state transfers, and registration renewals with precision and efficiency. Our digital system enables instant ownership transfers, drastically reducing the time required. Real-time processing eliminates delays and errors, ensuring a streamlined experience for all stakeholders.

Lien Management

Managing liens is effortless with Cario. Our features ensure smooth processes for adding, releasing, and updating liens. Lienholders and their ELT providers connect directly with the network for instant lien perfection and real-time updates, offering transparency and accuracy for lenders and vehicle owners.

Digital Titles

Cario's innovative digital title asset provides a modern ownership record. A mobile-first services gateway allows vehicle owners and dealers to access and manage titles conveniently from their devices, enhancing accessibility and security. Motorists can manage their vehicle titles anytime, anywhere, creating a more connected and efficient ecosystem.


Cario integrates seamlessly with state records, accounting systems, and user portals, ensuring a unified digital infrastructure for DMV. Our platform connects with NMVTIS, Dealer Management Systems (DMS), and Lender Origination Systems/Electronic Lien and Title (LOS/ELT) systems. This interconnectedness ensures data consistency, accuracy, and real-time updates. Additionally, Cario offers native mobile integration, providing a responsive solution for today’s mobile-first world.