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The next gen
automotive title is here.
And it's digital.

For the last 100 years, the car
title has been a piece of paper.
That's about to change.
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Cario is revolutionizing the car title itself and the platform to transfer it.

Cario is a transparent and secure network that allows radically quicker, cheaper, and safer automotive transactions.

  • A digital title dramatically reduces transfer times, lowers cost, and increases visibility for all participants.
  • Stop wasting time and money waiting for paper titles to arrive. What used to take weeks can now take minutes.
  • Digitization brings security and transparency

    We've created a seamless and secure network to coordinate all parties involved in the process.

    Each new digital title issued by the DMV is a unique digital asset and NFT, eliminating friction between drivers, lenders, dealers and DMVs.

    Motorists can share proof of ownership easily and securely on any device, anytime.

  • A solution for all stakeholders

    The Cario platform seamlessly connects all participants: DMVs, dealers, lenders, insurance agencies, salvage companies, taxing authorities and individual motorists.

  • Solution built on blockchain for nationwide interoperability

    The network's unique data structure ensures seamless title transfer between the 51 DMVs, while eliminating title washing and fraud.

  • A distributed ledger built for security and scale

    Leveraging the power of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), each vehicle transaction is digitally attested, signed and committed directly by the relevant participants in real-time with world class security.

  • Ensures data autonomy

    Member organizations always control their own data and shape their own business rules through a single flexible integration.

  • Built for the future internet economy

    The network leverages NFTs to enable powerful new web3-native applications for motorists such as digital fractionalization or collateralization.

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Unlock the future of vehicle ownership with Cario

Experience a revolutionary shift in end to end vehicle titling and registration. Our digital solution is redefining ownership documentation for a seamless, secure, and efficient future.

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